5 reasons why we travel

Whether across the ocean or down the street, we have an inescapable need to plunge ourselves into the unknown and make discoveries about our surroundings – and beyond. Read more.

Explore the best of Joburg in one street

Jan Smuts Avenue has it all – from hip art galleries to eateries and watering holes with the finest views in town. Discover the best of Joburg in one street. Read more.


Pedaling through the coastal paradise of Mozambique

There’s a new way to explore Mozambique’s best-loved holiday coastline: by fat-bike! How did I, as a novice cyclist fare on the first-ever tour? Read more.


11 things I learned hanging out with cyclists

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Namibian road trip: from desert sands to wild Etosha

Welcome Lishivha takes a road trip through Namibia’s dynamic landscape, from dunes and rolling mountains to green flat plains and wild Etosha National Park. Read more.


Slackpacking luxury on the Green Mountain Trail

My first assignment at Getaway involved tackling a plush 57-kilometer Green Mountain Trail on the Groeneland Nature Reserve. The hike turned out to be a combination of amazing views, hard work, and delicious wines. Read more.


12 lessons from my first multi-day hike

Although I believe in constantly stretching myself, when asked to embark on a 4-day hike for an assignment with my little hiking experience, I was a bit concerned. Here’s what I walked away with. Read more.


8 unique experiences you can only have in the Northern Cape

Here are some of my favorite escapes between the West Coast and Augrabies Falls. Read more.


A book lover’s guide to Joburg

Here’s a list of places to go hunting for affordable and local books, eat and be surrounded by books, catch up with a friend in a bookish environment, attend a book launch, take yourself on a reading date with a wonderful book in hand or make new literary friends. Read more.


A book lover’s guide to Cape Town

After a few months of arriving in Cape Town, I had a strong yearning to uncover what literary spots the Mother City had to offer. Here are things to do, bookstores to visit and other awesome literary spots for book lovers visiting or residing in Cape Town. Read more.


14 amazing libraries from around the world

From epic tales of how they were established to how they’ve evolved over time, these libraries are a readers’ paradise and worth visiting if you ever find yourself in these cities. Read more.


5 South African writers on how travel inspires their writing

I spoke to five South African writers about their travels inform their work. Read more.


Soaking up Knysna’s return to bounty

It’s been a year since the Knysna area suffered one of the worst fire disasters in years. But now it’s blossoming again and its forests, estuaries and generous locals are ready as ever to welcome visitors. Read more.


A decluttering walk on the new Mthimkhulu Wilderness Trail

Mthimkhulu Wilderness Trail is a new three-day walking safari that offers plenty of bush and silence to clean out the buzz of the city life. Read more.


A swingin’ jazz guide to Joburg

Braamfontein is the centre of a creative revival, and at its heart is renowned jazz club The Orbit. Jazz musician Thandi Ntuli shares where to go to access the energy. Read more.


Khomani San Landscape spotlights South African Heritage

The declaration of the ǂKhomani Cultural Landscape as a World Heritage site marks a significant progress for the ǂKhomani San, who are also known as ‘the first people’. Read more.


A one of a kind stay on the Chobe River

A stay at Chobe Water Villas offers a wide-ranging experience of taking in the ecosystem of the Chobe River and the Chobe National Park. Read more.


Skydiving over the West Coast

The 25-minute flight up was so scenic I lost myself in the lusciously green patches of farm fields that make up Malmesbury, and the view stretching from the Cederberg, Table Mountain and Robben Island through to Cape Point. Read more.


6 Jazz spots in Joburg you can’t miss

The programmes in Johannesburg’s jazz clubs are often fresh and unpredictable, as there is always an emerging voice and visiting artists to enthrall you. Read more.


Make the most of spring in Joburg with these 7 picnic spots

From blankies near dams, cushions with a view and pre-packed picnics, here are 7 spots to help make the most of Joburg’s springtime. Read more.


Braamfontein’s eatery combines food, art and music with elegance

The Artivist combines an eatery, bar and gallery in one beautifully designed, open space. Read more.


A study reveals the most germ-infested part of an airport

It turns out that travellers can’t avoid handling the most germ-infested part of the airport. Read more.


Thailand’s Maya Bay closed indefinitely due to excessive tourist damage

Thailand’s Maya Bay is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations and is currently closed due to excessive damage by tourists. Read more.


Aviation officials worry about the drones crashing into aeroplanes

If aeroplanes are your preferred mode of transport when travelling, you may be alarmed to hear that the increasing number of drones in the sky is causing aviation officials to worry about aeroplane strikes. Read more.


7 new ‘Urban Wonders of the World’ spotlight experiential travel

The newly-identified list of the Seven Urban Wonders of the World was crowd sourced using influencers with a combined reach of more than 3.5 million people and it is a list that spotlights dream destinations for experience-led travelers. Read more.


Air taxis to launch in 2020 in the UK

Commercial flights on demand (air taxis) may be a reality sooner than you think. Read more.